PurpleFish Clothing and Masks for the Whole Family. Made in America

PurpleFish was created by two friends, Bonni and Carole, who have known each other for 27 years.  Both women have a passion and a flare for fashion and love to shop!  The two women have brought up six kids between them, three girls and three boys and  now two granddaughters and two grandsons have been added to the mix!  Both ladies wanted to raise confident children who felt good about themselves.  It was important to them to choose clothes that were not only comfortable for their kids, but also were stylish and of a quality that could sustain playing at home and in the school yard!  The cheaper big box stores did not always have a selection that met those criteria. Bonni and Carole decided that they could build a better sandbox!  Voila PurpleFish -  a boutique company that produces its own designs that are well made and unique.  Most styles in the selection will not be seen elsewhere and the items cannot be purchased at retail stores.  Because we are a smaller company, we offer excellent customer service.  No one should have difficulty navigating our system, a common complaint of most consumers who shop online.
A great deal of research went into the development of the company.  The search for an American sewing company was difficult.  Apparently, the art of sewing is not fashionable among younger people and sewing has been dropped from many high school curriculum.  However, the company still has local sewers doing their production, if you wear a PurpleFish product you can proudly say that it is made in America!  We offer a wide selection of products that will appeal to all kinds of tastes.  Not only is there a great assortment of girls' clothing, but we added some gender neutral items as well.  Girls love the cosmos almost as much as boys do! 
Since the emergence of the pandemic in spring 2020, PurpleFish pivoted production to include the making of handmade masks.  Our masks are made of almost 100% quilter cotton, with a pocket for a filter.  Our nose wires are made of durable material that does not break in the wash.  The ear elastics are adjustable and the best part is that we offer four kids sizes and three adult sizes as well.  We even make an XL mask to accomodate wider faces and men with beards!  We have masks for summer, fall and Christmas!  Once you buy one of our masks you will not be able to wear any other!  We also ship a free filter with each mask purchased.  
Fleece is everywhere now and PurpleFish has joined the trend!  Take a look at our fabulous winter gaiters and headbands, fleece pajamas and cozy pants, and summer shorts.  We carry all of the latest trends in prints to accomodate the wishes of all children!  How can you possibly pass up a pair of such soft cozy lounging pants made of the softest high quality anti pill plush fleece!  Again, all of our fleece products are made right here in Chicago!  
PurpleFish has launched a website hoping that other parents and grandparents can find different, well made, sustainable clothing at a reasonable price.

As of fall 2019, Carole is running the business by herself.  With a lot of hard work, and focused ambition, she hopes to continue on the road to making children look good and, therefore, feel good about themselves without having their parents break the bank on the price of better quality clothing. Please join her on her journey and make small business ventures in America sustainable and successful today.  She is here to meet that challenge!

Have a great time shopping and we welcome your feedback!  Please drop Carole an email mentioning how your experience was shopping with us.  She would love to hear from you!